Hosted User Forgotten Password

You can reset your hosted user's password using this application. After entering your Account ID and Username, Greenway will send an email to your registered email address. Once you receive the email, click on the link within the email to reset your hosted user password. If you don't receive the email or need a new email sent, you can come back to this Forgotten Password page and make another request.

Please enter either your Greenway Global ID OR your registered Email Address.
Global ID
Required if Email Address is blank.
Email Address
Required if Global ID is blank.
Account ID Required
Please enter your Greenway Account ID. For Intergy users, this is your Intergy License Number. For PrimeSuite users, this is your Greenway Site ID.
Username Required
Please enter your Greenway Username. This is the same username you currently use to reach your Remote Desktop, Citrix, or vWorkspace.